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This 3 hour workshop focuses on building strong teams through positive coaching methods. Appreciative Inquiry is a skill set that every manager needs especially in today's multi-generational workforce. Younger generations do not tolerate not are they drawn to respect leaders whose style uses negative reinforcement. It is mandatory for today's leaders to understand to basic of positive leadership pschology and how to use comany and personal's strengths to build a positive, safe environment for their workforce.


The good news is that this training also covers the 6 main reason's high performing employees become frustrated, stall and eventually seek to leave. Through the use of the KSAs learned in this workshop managers can become effective leaders for employees of any generation.

Virtual Positive Leadership Skills Workshop

  • Travel is included for non-overnight events. For engagments outside of the Tampa Bay area a T&E charge of $185 a day will be added.

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