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Greg Buschman, Ph.D.(c)

Who I am:


I am a husband and father of four young adults. As you will see on my personal webpage and on Facebook, my family and I love to travel. We enjoy spending family time together exploring different cultures and their histories.

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I started in business as an entrepreneur and learned to squeeze 60 hours of work into 40 hours (or less). Effective efficiency served me well. As a regional/national leader, I transformed under-performing teams, departments, and divisions into high performers. As measured by industry averages, my areas of responsibility produced millions of dollars in incremental growth, outpaced industry averages, and received national and global recognition.


Today, I’m finishing my behavioral sciences doctorate in leadership and organizational development in “Creative Leadership for Innovation and Change.”  I hold master’s degrees in IT and marketing management; MSIS and MSMKT.


Who I help:


I help current and emerging leaders and their organizations improve performance. I use strategies proven in my career as a top-performing leader, and those used by the world’s most successful organizations. Although I cannot make any claims of an increase in your income or business outcomes, I do believe I may be able to help you be more successful and achieve better results


How I help:


I coach leaders and organizations on how to unlock their leadership potential and the power of the multi-generational/multi-cultural workforce. I lead them through a series of step-by-step leadership development strategies. The focus is on producing positive people behaviors, positive work environments, and positive business outcomes. Following these proven strategies, leaders are better able to guide teams to meet or exceed expectations while improving their work-life experiences.



Multi-generational & Multi-cultural Leadership | Speaking | Advising | Leadership Coaching | Change Management | Organizational Development | Revitalization | Education


Coach Greg can be reached at:


Phone: 727-742-5045


Twitter: gbuschman1

Instagram: gbuschman



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