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Sales Leadership

Start your sales team's journey to six-figure incomes.


By using proven, creative, and innovative strategies I've helped thousands of sales professionals create solid six-figure incomes.


Stephanie's been promoted twice and loves her job. Why?

She attended and put to use the skills she learned in my Million-Dollar Account Sales Boot Camp. This dynamic class imparts strategic sales and marketing strategies for strategic account and personal sales growth.

Stephanie, has been promoted twice since taking our Million-Dollar Account Sales seminar. 


Her husband, Brent, took the course as well and doubled his income in less than a year. Individual results vary but this is our most popular course with sales professionals who want to be a six-figure earner.

The Marketplace Has Changed, So Must Your Sales and Sales Leadership Strategies!

James became a top performer and now has a regional territory. What changed in his sales strategy?


He learned how to maximize his sales and leadership performance. After learning strategic selling, James blew past his peers and was promoted to a regional role. 

The Million-Dollar Account Boot Camp and Sales Leadership programs maximize team and personal performance, helps save at-risk accounts, and show how to win high-gross net-new business.

Avoid these top six reason's top performers leave:

  • Tired of absorbing extra work others don’t get done.

  • Work is not challenging, so they disengage.

  • Prevented from following new ideas and feel stifled.

  • No professional development opportunities.

  • Not appreciated or recognized for their work.

  • Unfair compensation; includes more than money.


Forbes Magazine, Prossack, 2018

We coach sales leaders on how to keep them. 


The Million-Dollar Account Boot Camp and Sales Leadership series shows how to avoid sales turnover. Leadership is both Art and Science!

Continue, sending emerging sales leaders to training.

Nick had 18 months of experience, and after attending our Million-Dollar Account Sales Boot Camps, he became a top performer.


No matter what level of sales you or your team is on the skills imparted are usable day one!

Nick learned how to find needs, create effective sales strategies, and use motivating questioning and closing skills based on positive sales psychology.

Cal, is a seasoned technology sales professional and has worked with companies such as Google. Listen to a seasoned sales pro's comments on our Million-Dollar Account Sales Boot Camp and Sales Leadership Development Course.

Build Personal Confidence

The struggle for equality is real.


Listen to Debbie as she shares about learning to be confident and comfortable in her own abilities. Gender bias is a real obstacle that must be concurred.

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