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 Sustainable Leadership and B-Corps Avoided The Great Resignation

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Company's are expanding the role of Chief Sustainability Officer at an ever-increasing rate.  They are finding that the CSO's strategic role in corporate governance is more and more important in the public's eyes as well as investors.  The expanding role of CSO's are influencing, empowering, and enabling companies to structure themselves to better attract sustainably-minded Gen X and high-performing Millennial and Gen Z talent.

CSO's are also bolstering unity in diversity and cohesion as well. "Our interview data suggest that their responsibility evolves to tasks that relate to forging a strong culture and unifying the different subcultures inside the firm", Miller & Serafeim, Harvard Business School.

If you are sustainably minded, you may want to look for a leadership role at a "B Corporation" or an "Aim2Flourish" certified company.  There are over 2000 Aim2FLourish companies whose motto is "Doing well while doing good".  You can read more about this trend by searching "Environmental, Social, and Governance" (ESG) or by visiting,

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