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Considering Personal Coaching?


Dear Leaders and Emergent Leaders,


If you're reading this it means you have a desire to lead and succeed.  You want more information about joining a community of leaders who are privately coached and mentored.

I won’t “tell or sell” you anything…

What I offer, is an opportunity to grow as a leader, improve performance, and have a better quality of life.  This two-way relationship supports your efforts and time to build a positive work-life balance, and we nurture your growth by supporting you with access to one-on-one positive coaching, interacting with and gleaning from other leaders, creating a safe place to voice opinions, frustrations, and ask curiosity filled questions.

What will your life look like in five years?

If you haven’t asked yourself this question, life in five years looks just like it does today.  You will never progress past where you are with the same set of skills that got you to your current position.

The main reason people join the “I Think, You Think, We All Think Differently” private group is to…

…Become a Better Leader.

When you lead like a champion,

 growth follows you!

When you become a better leader; promotion, money, executive responsibility, and opportunity comes our way.  Leaders must have followers who will follow voluntarily if you expect them to go beyond the norm to meet your team and organization goals.

If this sounds like something you want, here’s what it looks like...

Regional Director, Tampa, Fl - Revenue increase of 40% and promoted...

My organization had a revenue increase of 40%, over two years.  I ended up landing a national leadership role after learning how to apply enterprise level positive leadership strategies.  The resulting revitalization of my Florida territory ended up with a new leadership focus on team building.  I was able to mix the coaching and support I received and improved my current skillset.


Management Consultant, Houston, TX - Recognized as a top-performing leader...

At the company I worked for prior to becoming a management consultant, I gained the reputation of having the best executive engagement strategy in the nation.  Greg helped me understand the enterprise from the top-down, department by department.  He is a true organizational process engineer.  He helped me understand critical success factors in detail and to develop a keen eye on how to help others differentiate themselves from the pack. His calm and reassuring style; allowed me and others to instantly want to hear what he had to say.


Managing Partner/Owner, Miami, FL - Became a partner at the company he worked for...

I have expanded my leadership knowledge and realized new business opportunities in my industry.  Working with Greg is a very enriching experience.  I would encourage engaging him as an advisor to your business.

IT Professional, Tampa, FL - Promoted from branch to regional leadership...

I was promoted to a regional role from a local branch position.  Greg has a way of communicating with people that makes you feel comfortable and his leadership and organizational knowledge are second to none.  My only regret; I’d like more one-on-one time working with him.  Anyone will learn and grow working with Greg.

VP Technology Development & Sales, Pittsburgh, PA - 5-fold increase in revenue...

We have built strong customer relationships and grown our services division five-fold.  Greg has strong leadership and organizational re-design background. We have found his knowledge invaluable in helping with customer satisfaction.

Director & Marketing Managers, Sarasota, FL - Both spouses promoted, better family life...

I know, I know, you probably would believe it, but we have almost quadrupled our household income because we learned to lead and were promoted into management roles.  We would have paid even more for the coaching had we known upfront what a difference it would make in our family’s life.

Sr.Territory Sales Manager, Miami, FL - Quality of life, happy wife happy life...

The coaching helped me become a top-performing leader.  This gave me leverage with my company to ask for a new territory in an area of Florida where my wife wanted to live.  Our quality of life has gone way up.  Greg has many years of leadership experience in the IT industry and a great individual.

VP Investment Products, Raliegh, NC - Leader of leaders...

Greg's advice on when and how to approach my superiors and ask for more money and promotion into leadership was invaluable.  There is a right time and a right way to approach such topics.  His wisdom is worth banking on.

I’d Like You to Join Us!

I will meet with you personally or via phone/web meeting.  During this meeting, we will talk about YOU!  What are your desires, why do you want to join, what is it that YOU want to accomplish?  What does a better quality of life look like to YOU!

If you're accepted we will meet and discuss a personalized plan to get you to your destination.  The application process is simple and there are different levels of coaching available.  This is not a one size fits all situation. So…

Let’s Take a Look at the Process:

1. The link to the application is below. After you fill it out, I will personally review it.

2. We will reach out to you and schedule a fifteen-minute discovery call where we will talk about our “fit”.

3. If we agree this is a good fit for both of us, I will schedule a longer call with you of say 30 – 60 minutes and we can decide to join together in your personal leadership or organization's leadership journey.


I look forward to talking to you soon! 


Greg Buschman, Ph.D.(c)

Creative Leadership for Innovation and Change

Leadership & Organizational Development Practitioner

PS - What you’re getting is an opportunity to grow personally and professionally.  After I helped Dave Haley become a top performer, more than doubling his income and get promoted, he advised: “Do whatever Greg tells you to, it works”.  That’s simply because I just don’t cookie-cutter anything I do. 

What we talk about one-on-one is for you and your company’s circumstances.




























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