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Ranked the #8 most important read for non-profit leaders in 2020 and Amazon's #1 New Release in Business Management, Jan 2020. Author Gregory Buschman, Ph.D.(c), gives insight into managing other generations and how younger employees can land their first leadership role. "I Think, You Think, We All Think Differently: Leadership Skills For Millennials & Gen Z" iYou may be asking yourself, “Why should I care about leadership? The first step in making a positive difference in this world, and your life, is to become a leader. All leaders must have followers for nothing great happens without a team. “Great” doesn’t come just because a person has years of experience. It takes training and applying the art and science of leadership to that experience.

Five Pack Special: 2nd Edition Paperback

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  • “This book taught me the reasoning behind how older generations have developed their way of thinking. The discussion on how and when to ask your superiors about advancement and compensation was helpful”. Ross K, MBA, VP & Investment Professional.

    “If you understand and apply the books content in communicating with others, you will unlock the door to promotions, better income, and happiness in your field while gaining the respect of other generations”. Brent S, CMP, Director of Marketing.

    “As a retired global corporate leader, I can attest to our nation’s need for good leadership.  ‘I Think, You Think, We All Think, Differently’ addresses the struggles each generation must overcome to work together and find solutions to challenges in our governmental and corporate leadership.”    
    Larry B, MBA, Retired Global Quality Assurance Manager

    “As a Millennial who has reported to Gen X and Boomer bosses, I wish I had this book in my hands then.  In the servant-based leadership section, I immediately tuned in to the reasons why one of my bosses was so successful — she had implemented the principles in this book!  The book gave me the hope that leadership CAN be learned.”   Jenna L., Marketing Project Manager

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