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Hello, I am so excited that you are attending my Leadership Development Master Class. To be able to attend there are a few prerequisites to complete. To gain access to the prerequisites please purchase the Leadership Master Class Assessment Bundle. The assessments mentioned below are needed for your leadership profiles to be completed and will be used extensively as a part of the Leadership Development Master Class.


Please complete these prerequisites no later than two weeks prior to our first training date to ensure that your leadership profile will be completed and emailed to you. This assessment bundle includes login codes for the two paid assessments: FourSight™ thinking preferences and Clifton Strengths for Manager's assessments as well as a paperback copy of "I think, You Think, We All Think Differently: Leadership Skills for Millennials and Gen Z".
The retail price for the bundle including your personalized "Leader Maturity and Growth Personal Profile Kit"  $149.00, however, the FASD & 1st Responder 2022 discounted price is 26% off or $110.26.
As soon as the bundle is purchased you will receive an email containing the links and login information to take the the required assessments. Please complete them no later than two weeks before your 1st day of training to ensure that your leadership profile can be completed prior to the meeting. Much of the training is based upon your leadership profiles so it is imperative that the assessments be completed on time.


Thank you. We're going to have a great experience of leadership development!


Greg Buschman, Ph.D.(c)
Leadership and Organizational Development

Master Class Assessment and Leader Profile Bundle

$189.00 Regular Price
$149.00Sale Price
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