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Driving Customer Satisfaction with Value Stream Leadership

If implemented correctly the innovations and changes created through continuous improvement Value Stream Organizational (VSO) Leadership will:

  • Raise customer satisfaction.

  • Increase customer acquisition rates.

  • Increase customer retention rates.

  • Re-invent the way you market your services.

  • Acquire larger more profitable sales accounts.

  • Improve production quality.

  • Reduce defects and waste.

  • Reduce and control manufacturing costs.

Waste and customer satisfaction issues are silent profit killers. Spend-per

For every 1 unsatisfied customer who complains there are 26 others that go silent (US Commerce Dept. 2017). By applying Value Stream Organization (VSO) techniques, your organization sets the stage for an increase in customer satisfaction, a reduction in returns, and an increase in customer retention and reorders.

The improvements above, translate into a stronger bottom line and financial position. This in turn drives stock prices up, adding net worth to the organization, which helps lower lending rates by strengthening bargaining power, which in turn results in a better bottom line. This is strategic leadership thinking.

A customer is a terrible thing to waste.

We will be glad to speak with you by phone to assess your needs and set up an on-site evaluation of your current processes and provide an action plan to stop the bleeding.

Never underestimate the power of Highly Satisfied Customers.

Several years ago Starbucks invested over $40 million dollars to increase their customer satisfaction rates which resulted in creating a new group of super customers. Based on consumer satisfaction research this investment yielded over $110 million in revenue. (Heath, USF, 2015). Spend-per customer is what drives your revenue.

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