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Employees complaining about the 'other' generations?

Strength-Based Employee Coaching, How to  Hire, Lead, and Retain Millennials and Gen Z Talent

Creative problem-solving,  FourSight collaboration, and positive leadership skills improve generational diverse teams cohesion and performance.

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The words “Generational Diversity” might be leaving you feeling a little uncomfortable, usure, and even a little fearful, about the future of your organization. Diversity done right inspires, motivates, and boost’s employee satisfaction and productivity. Topic take-a-ways are:

  • Keys to recruiting, developing, and retaining top talent from each generation.

  • Motivational differences in workplace preferences and value systems.

  • Workgroup member assimilation: generational differences in team building.

  • Generational leadership expectations and style preferences.

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Surprising to most people, as young leaders Gandhi and Nelson Mandela advocated violence. I know that sounds strange, but they did! However, as they matured as leaders, they learned better ways of motivation. Leadership maturity is not about age or experience, it is about skill and competence. Topic take-a-ways are:

  • Discover your level of maturity and how to obtain high levels of maturity.

  • Leadership maturity and its effects on organizational decision making.

  • Leadership maturity and its effects on innovation and team performance.

  • How to accelerate leadership maturity in current and emerging leaders.

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Jack Welch created one of the greatest leadership legacies of the 20th century. Much of today’s leadership training is still based on his ideas. However, Jack struggled early in his career. We can learn from Jack’s mistakes and successes by examining the differences between negative leadership powers and positive leadership powers. Topic take-a-ways are:

·     Understanding the three types of leadership power and their effect on employee performance.

·     What is “Positive People Management”, winning the hearts of Millennials and GenZ

·     How to build consensus, coalitions, and leverage your reputation.

·     Keys to motivating, retaining, and promoting top performers.

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Many people believe we are dealt a hand of cards in life, and we must make the best of the hand we are dealt. However, science has proven just the opposite. Every human has the ability to add strength “cards” to the hand nature dealt them. Topic take-a-ways:

  • Your top five strengths and how to add strength “cards” to the hand that nature dealt you.

  • Positive leadership psychology skills.

  • Appreciative Inquiry basics.

  • Discover Your Emotional Intelligence score.

  • Tools for mentoring and coaching diverse work forces.


FourSight™ is the top teaming model for creative, innovative, and diverse team, as rated by IBM. IBM and dozens of innovative firms use FourSight™ as the underpinning for their teaming models. Topic Take-aways are:

  • The FourSight™ Creative Mindset.

  • FourSight™ Collaboration Model.

  • How to optimize team member deployment.

  • Creative Problem-Solving Leadership

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Leadership Skills for Millennials and GenZ
"I Think, You Think, We All Think Differently, 2nd Edition"

Read in More Than 14 Nations

Ranked #8 Must-Reads for Leaders:
NLC of Tampa, FL

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You can do it! You can lead a great generationally diverse organization!

At Strategic, we have a heart for people who want to be great leaders. We believe anyone can learn to lead well. By focusing on inter-generational workplace interactions, leadership maturity, positive leadership psychology, and appreciative communication, we bridge leadership gaps in generational, cultural, and gender diverse work forces.


Leaders release energy. That leadership energy will empower or destroy an organization. We help organizations create competent leaders, who inspire their workforces by being equally concerned about the people they lead as the performance they produce.

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Client Feedback

"Understanding my FourSight Implementer preference has really helped me pinpoint areas of frustration. I am realizing that people aren’t asking questions because they doubt our direction or leaders. They just approach problem-solving differently. Thank you so much for teaching me this lesson!"

Cynthia Grizzle, President, Pritchett Steinbeck Group, Inc.

Tampa, FL

"During my interview process, a great deal of the information I used came from your book!!!! I am now advising on the University of Houston, CT Bauer College of Business "From Management to Leadership Certificate" program. I would have never made it without your help!, Thanks Greg"

David Haley, Regional Manager

Houston, TX

"Thank you for writing such an engaging book on inter-generational leadership. I have read the book twice and my business partner is reading it now. It is even helping me relate to my family better”.


Bernie Mock, Co-Founder, MozaDigital

Tampa, FL

"When you started demonstrating how to communicate with different generations, my team leaders lit up. There's a real need for skills in leading the different generations. It's one of the greatest needs I see in public services".


Scott Sanford, Fire Chief, Palm Harbor Fire & Rescue

Palm Harbor, FL

Greg has a strong background in many areas. We have found his knowledge invaluable in helping customers."

Tim Lightholder, VP of Operations & Technology Development

Pittsburgh, PA.

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